fredag 16. januar 2015

Soon back in the water !

Two month to go now !

To meet the interest of our foreign friends i will from now on write in english.  I hope this will not create too many  problems to our Norwegian friends and followers.

Villvind will be back in the water the last week in Mars.  From then on , the spring will be used to prepare the boat for a venture south with departure end of July.  The main areas of focus, involving new equipment and improvements will be  security, comfort and communication.

The first leg south will be done during august with departure homeport Moss( Norway) the last week in July. The target is Lisboa by the end of August.  Our intensions is to move fast through Denmark, Holland and Belgium, - slow down among the channal islands in France before crossing the Bay of Biscay to Bayona in north-west Spain.  From there on it´s approx 300 nm to Lisboa. A convenient  town for changing crews.

Lately i have been dealing with a technical challenge.  I´m not comfortable with  storing the outboard high on the rail at the stern. 25 kg exposed to wind and vibrations 2 metros above the water. An old and tired back ,-  are really screaming for a new solution.  The solution i ended up with is to mount a hoist on the radar-pole and installing a new bracket for the outboard at deck level .  This solve the two main problems. I can now 1) handle the outboard  with a straight back,  staying on the stern platform  and 2) move the weight  from high up down to deck level. I look forward to see how this will work out !

... until then stay tuned !

SV Villvind

The captain / Senior cruiser