onsdag 23. desember 2015

Ushuaia - the worlds southernmost town !

Christmas in Ushuaia !

The last leg south, from Puerto Deseado to Ushuaia in the Canal Beagle was a comfortable one.  Light  winds and many hours motoring.  However we arrived safe and sound without accidents but short on diesel.

In Deseado we had the pleasure of meeting Gustavo and his family. They helped us with local knowledge and practicalities and even took us sightseeing on the pampas.   They contributed to a very nice stay.

Arriving in the Beagle Canal  was impressing. The Canal itself, more than 100 nm long and  enclosed with high alpine summits partly covered with snow. 

It has been a long sail down from Norway,- 8500 nm since we left our homeport the 25.July. Without any accidents or problems we arrived 3 days before schedule the 19.December.  After 5 month on the go,   I now  look forward to a comfortable  3 week stay , well moored along a solid pier. 

Medio  January,- Villvind will depart for Cape Town in South Africa after a short visit in Chilean waters.    


Once more; -Merry Christmas to all of you !

All the best from the crew on Villvind !

Eivind / Per Even / Terje

søndag 13. desember 2015

Puerto Deseado - a short pitstop !

The Argentinia and Patagonian wilderness do not give an inch for free , neither westwards or southwards. The sailing is demanding with changing weather every 12 hour,- with an average of 20 to 30 knots gusting 40 now and then. There are few sheltered anchorages along the way so one have to be prepared. We depart on the last leg tomorrow with a resonable good forecast. 600 nm to go to Ushuaia. From the Strait of Magelan the coast turn south and even south east and the sail will be more comfortable along the coast.

Two typical anchorages along the route. Enjoy.

A merry christmas to all followers and friends,-this year we will spend it in Ushuaia. Per Even and Eivind will take their leave from here while Dag and Svein will join the vessel the 7. january.

Stay tuned !

The crew onboard Villvind !  Eivind, Per Even and Terje !

mandag 30. november 2015

Argentina - Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata !

We are still heading south and will continue so for another 1000 nm to Ushuaia on the very southern tip of South America.  The sail from Rio in Brasil brought us out of the tropics into a climate we are more used to. Chilly nights and comfortable 20 + through the days.  The sailing here from Rio took us 9 days and varied  from  days with comfortable reaching, tailwinds to  beating into 30 knots of headwinds .  4 hours after arrival in Mar del Plata  a southerly gale arrived.   Formalities went fast, with friendly and efficient officials  the first afternoon. We could enjoy our first Argentinian beef! 

We will stay here for a week  before setting off south.  There are some minor adjustment   to be done on the boat. Tighten the rigging and setting up long lines for anchoring in Patagonia is two of them !

We are getting closer to the westerlies now and follow up  the weathercharts and GRIB-files become mandatory and part of the daily routines !
Stay tune !   Eivind, Per Even and Terje !

torsdag 12. november 2015

BRASIL - Rio de Janeiro

8. November  Villvind arrived in Rio , 21 days out from the Cape Verdes.  The crossing took place as expected,- the first days with  east/northesterly winds before the bumpy and windless doldrums were replaced with the SE-tradewinds. The sail down the Brasilian coast was a fast and comfortable one,- apart from the last 24 hours in near gale force winds and heavy rain.

Rio  harbour is very polluted and in Marinha da Gloria where we stayed the first nights the water was like an ill smelling sewage pond. We moved away from that spot after a couple of days.  Rio is preparing for the Olympic games next year ,- digging and building takes place everywhere. Traffic is heavy, taxis are cheap, the Copacabana beach is impressive  and the restaurants  are excellent. 

The Brasilians are very friendly, helpful and full of good humour even if the language sometimes creates a barrier.  We enjoy our stay . Monday the 16.nov  we leave for Mar del Plata in Argentina,- approx. 1000 nm or a weeks sail further south.


Our achorage outside Yacht Club Rio de Janeiro is owerlooked by the two most famous symbols of Rio !

Follow us on our tracker and stay tuned !

All the best from the crew on board Villvind !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje ! 

torsdag 15. oktober 2015

Through the doldrums !

Villvind go south to meet the summer on the southern hemisphere!

On saturday Villvind leaves Cabo Verdes for Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. The distance to Rio is 2700 nm and will take aprox 3 weeks. Normally this is a straightforward sail appart from the doldrums where there are no wind at all.  However, topped tanks and jerrycans on deck will be sufficient  to take us through. Our position will be updated once a day and you can follow our track across to Rio.

We have enjoyed the stay at Cabo Verde and in particular the one day excursion on the island Santo Antao with its magnificent scenery.

Yesterday  a russian raft  sailed into the harbour. Beleave it or not,- its next destination is South America and Patagonia on its way around the word.

Have a nice october and dont forget to prepare for the winter. Today it's sunny and 32 +  in Mindelo !

All the best from Per Even, Eivind and Terje . Stay tuned !

fredag 9. oktober 2015

Aground in 6 1/2 knots ,- depth 4000 meters !

7. october we were under sail from the Canaries with destination Mindelo in the Cabo Verdes. The crew were gathered in the cockpit enjoying the morning coffe when suddenly the boat was slowed down as it was running into a mudbank before it stoped completely a few seconds later.

The experience-book passed in reviewe but found no match. As the foreship climbed up on the bank, lifting the vessel a couple of feet, it stopped completely as the keel hit the bank.

We looked at each other,- then out into the water. There we saw a whale 12-15 meter long sliding sideways as it dived. We had hit it at an angle of 90 degrees , across its back. What happened to the whale, we are sad to say, we do not know but it looked as it was hurt. Villvind started to pick up speed again with no dammage to hull or rudders.

A new chapter can be written in the book of experience. Apart from this incident the sail from Las Palmas to Cabo Verdes went well. Villvind will stay her for 10 days before setting off for Rio De Janeiro in Brasil,- some 2700 nm away.

It's hot today, 31 + and no wind !

Stay tuned !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje onboard Villvind !

torsdag 1. oktober 2015

Villvind Leaving for Cape Verdes tomorrow !

The GRIB-files is consulted, Per Even and Eivind is well established onboard and Villvind is generously stocked with everything that will contribute to a comfortable crossing south to the Cape Verdes, - approx 900 nm south. So,- while you are occupied with whatever it is, we will enjoy a nice and comfortable sail in 25 to 30 degrees and light winds the next week !  Stay tuned !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje !

SV Villvind

torsdag 24. september 2015

Las Palmas

The sail down from Madeira was another comfortable journey. Even if we were "spat" out of Funchal the wind gradually weakened. The last hours of our 2 days jouney, we motored into Las Palmas.

The marina is a busy sailing hub. The marina staff on their toes and stressed,- and  still it's 6 weeks to the ARC take place ! Anyway,- we were granted 4 nights in the marina. Very convenient with electricity, wifi and water,- all basic needs for the cruiser.  However, the place is really set up for all kinds of repair, services and broken equipment of all kind can be replaced. Tomorrow those 4 days are at its end and we probably move out on the anchorage after that.

Villvind will stay another week in Las Palmas. On wednesday the 30.sept Per Even and Eivind arrive and we shortly afterwards set sail for the Cap Verdes, some 900 nm south.

Stay tuned !

B and T / SV Villvind

tirsdag 15. september 2015

Funchal on Madeira

4 days at sea between Lisboa to Porto Santo. Light winds and not a fast crossing. Very comfortable though. We spent two days on Porto Santo before we left for  Madeira,- 40 nm further SW. We will stay here in Funchal 4 to 5 days before continuing to Gran Canary and Las Palmas.
Untill then enjoy the pictures showing life on board!

Stay tuned !

Berit  & Terje

SV Villvind

mandag 7. september 2015

Leaving for Madeira tomorrow

Monday 7.september. Tomorrow we leave for Porto Santo and Madeira. The crossing is approx 450 NM, and will take  3 to 4 days. The GRIB-files shows N to NW light winds between 10 and 15 knots. Today we have been tourists in Lisboa and registered that the Norwegian fullrigger "Sorlandet" was moored in the Alcantara Mar Dock. May be we will meet her later.

Villvind is well prepared and generously stocked up with, beer, wine and fresh food . The queen and I look forward to a comfortable sail to Madeira.

Stay tuned !

B & T

onsdag 2. september 2015

Still in Portogal - Figureira da Foz

Yesterday we had a comfortable 65 nm sail down from Porto to Figureira da Foz. We departed a couple of hours later than planned due to thick fog and was moored in Figureira  just as it turned dark. The vessel next to us is of norwegion origin and flying the norwegian flag. It is a Colin Archer-type vessel around 50 ft. Apart from those mentioned in Porto, it is very well kept and maintained. This vessel is a former post-boat delivering post to the islands and remote places around Bergen on the norwegian westcoast. The vessel is own by a norwegian living in Figureira da Foz.

We visited this harbour 9 years ago and it is interresting to see, that since then, the harbour is upgraded to a very high standard. Tomorrow we continue south to the small harbour of Nazare, 35 nm further south along the coast. Sailing along the coast of Portugal is like viewing a 800 km long sandy beach. Stay tune.

B & T  / SV Villvind

lørdag 29. august 2015

Those, who not cares !

Most boatowners take good care of their vessel. Occasionally you find some examples of the contrary !

torsdag 27. august 2015

A pitstop in Leixoes- Porto

Bayona in Spain. A small galician fortified town with its ancient streets, buildings and old fort is a very convenient and nice place to hide from the gale. Villvind has been underway for a month now. We have been lucky with the wind all the way, even if we have to stay here for a couple of days caused by gale force winds from SW to NW ( Baufort 8 and 9).
We crossed the English channel twice. This is a place for heavy traffic and high level of concentration among the crew,- certainly when it’s dark.  The crossing of the Bay of Biscay or Baie de Gascoinne as it is called by the French, from L’aber Wrach in Bretagne to La Curuna, turned out to become a real pleasant sail. More or less on a flat sea and  favourable winds all the way across. 

After a brief stop with refuelling in Curuna we continued around the Finisterre  down to Bayona from where we after 3 days got a "window" an made a jump of 60 nm down to Porto where we still are.

The forecast says that the wind will continue to blow out of south for another couple of days but turn back to normal during the weekend.   Normal is stedy winds out of north.  

I will stay here in Porto untill tuesday.  Harald leave for Norway tomorrow and Berit arrives on manday. By then the wind will  have calmed and we can have a pleasant sail down to Lisboa. The intension is to leave for Madeira around the 10.september. Stay tuned ! 

Everything is fine onbord.  No technical problems !

SV Villvind

Terje S
Senior cruiser 

fredag 24. juli 2015

ETD - (estimated time of departure) 25.juli 2015, 9 o´clock local time !

Hi again !

We are now back from the South Pacific. After a short week, occupied with some final preparations, -Villvind and its crew leave for the South Atlantic.tomorrow morning.  (ETD)  

On a very irregular basis l intend to post letters on this blog and give you some highlights from our journey as we move south.  If you want to follow our progress you can hit the "position"-tab  in the Links column.  We use an Iridium satelite tracker from Yellowbrick, and we will  once a day report our GPS-position.

Till the first letter is posted, have a nice summer and stay tuned !


mandag 15. juni 2015

An aperetiff de lux !

Plans can be followed, changed or ignored !  In 2007 we passed through French Polynesia on our sailing adventure around the world. Our hope then was, once in the future,  to revisit  the ”Isles des Societe” or "Leeward Island".  If it could be done during the La Heiva period ,- all the better. 

Intensions developed into plans  and tomorrow we depart  for Tahiti together with  good friends.  We have chartered a 50-footer for 4 weeks and will once more enjoy the comfort of these wonderful Pacific islands.  

When we return in the end of July a new sailing  adventure will be launched. This time in our own boat, -Villvind.  Untill then have a nice spring and summer.  Stay tuned.

Terje S
SV Villvind

søndag 29. mars 2015

Back in the water !

Back in the water !

Villvind is once more back in the water,- by the end of Mars.  After an extended refit including a new teak deck, some new equipment  installed  and other minor improvements the boat is better than new.  At our latitudes, launching in Mars is combined with a rather high level of uncertainty.  However, all I needed was two days of favourable weather.  One for painting the bottom,  the other for launching and rigging.  In a period dominated by cold, snow and fog I was granted just those two days.  What a luck ! With the help from the professionals of Orust ( Sweden) the work went smoothly and I can spend the Easter, sailing slowly north to our homeport . The Swedish westcoast in early spring, ( even if the conditions can be more like they are in late winter ), is a very enjoying experience.  Very few boats around,  only a few retired old salts like myself  enjoying the ”lull before the storm”.

It is like having a big, newly baked and untouched cake, -all to yourself.

Have a nice Easter !

Terje S / Senior cruiser