søndag 29. mars 2015

Back in the water !

Back in the water !

Villvind is once more back in the water,- by the end of Mars.  After an extended refit including a new teak deck, some new equipment  installed  and other minor improvements the boat is better than new.  At our latitudes, launching in Mars is combined with a rather high level of uncertainty.  However, all I needed was two days of favourable weather.  One for painting the bottom,  the other for launching and rigging.  In a period dominated by cold, snow and fog I was granted just those two days.  What a luck ! With the help from the professionals of Orust ( Sweden) the work went smoothly and I can spend the Easter, sailing slowly north to our homeport . The Swedish westcoast in early spring, ( even if the conditions can be more like they are in late winter ), is a very enjoying experience.  Very few boats around,  only a few retired old salts like myself  enjoying the ”lull before the storm”.

It is like having a big, newly baked and untouched cake, -all to yourself.

Have a nice Easter !

Terje S / Senior cruiser