mandag 30. november 2015

Argentina - Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata !

We are still heading south and will continue so for another 1000 nm to Ushuaia on the very southern tip of South America.  The sail from Rio in Brasil brought us out of the tropics into a climate we are more used to. Chilly nights and comfortable 20 + through the days.  The sailing here from Rio took us 9 days and varied  from  days with comfortable reaching, tailwinds to  beating into 30 knots of headwinds .  4 hours after arrival in Mar del Plata  a southerly gale arrived.   Formalities went fast, with friendly and efficient officials  the first afternoon. We could enjoy our first Argentinian beef! 

We will stay here for a week  before setting off south.  There are some minor adjustment   to be done on the boat. Tighten the rigging and setting up long lines for anchoring in Patagonia is two of them !

We are getting closer to the westerlies now and follow up  the weathercharts and GRIB-files become mandatory and part of the daily routines !
Stay tune !   Eivind, Per Even and Terje !

torsdag 12. november 2015

BRASIL - Rio de Janeiro

8. November  Villvind arrived in Rio , 21 days out from the Cape Verdes.  The crossing took place as expected,- the first days with  east/northesterly winds before the bumpy and windless doldrums were replaced with the SE-tradewinds. The sail down the Brasilian coast was a fast and comfortable one,- apart from the last 24 hours in near gale force winds and heavy rain.

Rio  harbour is very polluted and in Marinha da Gloria where we stayed the first nights the water was like an ill smelling sewage pond. We moved away from that spot after a couple of days.  Rio is preparing for the Olympic games next year ,- digging and building takes place everywhere. Traffic is heavy, taxis are cheap, the Copacabana beach is impressive  and the restaurants  are excellent. 

The Brasilians are very friendly, helpful and full of good humour even if the language sometimes creates a barrier.  We enjoy our stay . Monday the 16.nov  we leave for Mar del Plata in Argentina,- approx. 1000 nm or a weeks sail further south.


Our achorage outside Yacht Club Rio de Janeiro is owerlooked by the two most famous symbols of Rio !

Follow us on our tracker and stay tuned !

All the best from the crew on board Villvind !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje !