tirsdag 15. mars 2016

South Africa - Cape Town !

Villvind safe and sound  in RCYC ( Royal Cape Yacht Club)

Since we left the Falklands in the end of January we have been sailing for 6 weeks in the famous screaming  50-ies and the roaring 40-ies. In low temperatures,  gales and full storms we have sailed among icebergs, in mist and thick fog.  It has been a rough but  a  memorable journey where our visit on South Georgia with its nature, atmosphere, history  and spectacular wildlife topped it all.
The last night before arriving in South Georgia we were hit by a full storm,-  50 to 60 knots of wind. This should be the first of  more to come and we developed a  strategy  for  sailing is those  conditions which was to, take down the main, reduce  the genoa to 2-4 sqm ‘s and set the windvane for a plain downwind course. This way the boat managed well at all times without broaching with an average speed of 3-4 knots even if we sometimes surfed  in 15-20 knots.  In Cumberland Bay at South Georgia a Japanese survey ship messured  85 knots of wind that night.  An area definitely not for novices. 

We arrived in Cape Town , 27 days out from South Georgia . The last week in moderate conditions , sometimes sunny and in  a continuous rising temperature as we got north. Here in RCYC we were allocated a berth for  2 weeks with all the facilities you need. The last weekend in Mars,  Berit and I will sail  55 nm north to Saldanha Bay where  Villvind will be put on the hard for 10 month  before the journey  continue next January .

Until then,  have a funny  and prosperous  2016 !

All the best from Dag, Svein and Terje !

søndag 24. januar 2016

Stanley - The Falkland Islands

The windswept harbour !

We left Puerto Williams  the 18th of January  and arrived in the Falklands 3 days later. We had a fast passage through the Maire Strait, with the wind and current from behind Villvind averaged between 9 and 11 knots for 4-5 hours. The passage was a very comfortable one with smooth seas and light winds. The last day in sunshine and flat calm.   The Patagonian mountains, channels and glaciers  was a spectacular sight.

Villvind will, -while on passage to South Georgia deploy 5 bottle-messages in the sea to chart the ocean currents. This is a mission given us by another Terje in Oslo.  One is already  deployed south west of the Falklands.   

In the Falklands we will stay approx a week before leaving for South Georgia.  In Stanley there are hardly any facilities for yachts appart from the small private marina  owned by Carl and his wife.  They  arrived here 36 years ago from Tasmania in their own boat and have since then remained here.  They have “digged a hole”  in the shoreline and   given space for 4 to 5 boats. You can enter on 1 hour, each side of highwater only.  Once inside you are completely sheltered and secured from all winds.

Old Lady Elisabeth is a wellknown landmark in Stanly Harbour and witness of sometimes rough conditions !

Stay tuned !

Svein, Dag and Terje in Villvind.


onsdag 13. januar 2016

Chile - Puerto Williams

Chile – Puerto Williams. 

The  Beagel  Canal forms the border between Argentina and Chile. Two countries that  do not succeed in creating  an especially  good neighborhood.   Formalities and paperwork is unbelievable. 

Villvind has now moved across the Beagel  Canal , 25 nm eastwards to Puerto Williams on the Chilean side of the Canal.  After  visiting - and have filled in documents at the Yacht Club, Capetaneria de Puerto, Imigration, Costums and Agriculture before going  back to the Capetaneria to show them that everything is done and stamps and signatures are  OK ,-  the clearance procedure is completed.   

Our plan now is to return westwards into the clacier area before returning to Puerto Williams and clear out for Cape Town in South Africa  around the 20.January.

We stay now at Micalvi Yacht Club. The marina/ pier is created from  an old armada ship (Micalvi) that is run aground  (on purpose ) and  forms  a very sheltered and good harbour. The club is run by the Armada  and the atmosphere in this cruising hub is very interesting. The first person we met and who  took our lines was Skip Novak in his Pelagic. 
Dag and Svein is now well installed on board and they both are working properly !

Stay uned.

Dag, Svein and Terje in Villvind !