lørdag 29. august 2015

Those, who not cares !

Most boatowners take good care of their vessel. Occasionally you find some examples of the contrary !

torsdag 27. august 2015

A pitstop in Leixoes- Porto

Bayona in Spain. A small galician fortified town with its ancient streets, buildings and old fort is a very convenient and nice place to hide from the gale. Villvind has been underway for a month now. We have been lucky with the wind all the way, even if we have to stay here for a couple of days caused by gale force winds from SW to NW ( Baufort 8 and 9).
We crossed the English channel twice. This is a place for heavy traffic and high level of concentration among the crew,- certainly when it’s dark.  The crossing of the Bay of Biscay or Baie de Gascoinne as it is called by the French, from L’aber Wrach in Bretagne to La Curuna, turned out to become a real pleasant sail. More or less on a flat sea and  favourable winds all the way across. 

After a brief stop with refuelling in Curuna we continued around the Finisterre  down to Bayona from where we after 3 days got a "window" an made a jump of 60 nm down to Porto where we still are.

The forecast says that the wind will continue to blow out of south for another couple of days but turn back to normal during the weekend.   Normal is stedy winds out of north.  

I will stay here in Porto untill tuesday.  Harald leave for Norway tomorrow and Berit arrives on manday. By then the wind will  have calmed and we can have a pleasant sail down to Lisboa. The intension is to leave for Madeira around the 10.september. Stay tuned ! 

Everything is fine onbord.  No technical problems !

SV Villvind

Terje S
Senior cruiser