torsdag 24. september 2015

Las Palmas

The sail down from Madeira was another comfortable journey. Even if we were "spat" out of Funchal the wind gradually weakened. The last hours of our 2 days jouney, we motored into Las Palmas.

The marina is a busy sailing hub. The marina staff on their toes and stressed,- and  still it's 6 weeks to the ARC take place ! Anyway,- we were granted 4 nights in the marina. Very convenient with electricity, wifi and water,- all basic needs for the cruiser.  However, the place is really set up for all kinds of repair, services and broken equipment of all kind can be replaced. Tomorrow those 4 days are at its end and we probably move out on the anchorage after that.

Villvind will stay another week in Las Palmas. On wednesday the 30.sept Per Even and Eivind arrive and we shortly afterwards set sail for the Cap Verdes, some 900 nm south.

Stay tuned !

B and T / SV Villvind

tirsdag 15. september 2015

Funchal on Madeira

4 days at sea between Lisboa to Porto Santo. Light winds and not a fast crossing. Very comfortable though. We spent two days on Porto Santo before we left for  Madeira,- 40 nm further SW. We will stay here in Funchal 4 to 5 days before continuing to Gran Canary and Las Palmas.
Untill then enjoy the pictures showing life on board!

Stay tuned !

Berit  & Terje

SV Villvind

mandag 7. september 2015

Leaving for Madeira tomorrow

Monday 7.september. Tomorrow we leave for Porto Santo and Madeira. The crossing is approx 450 NM, and will take  3 to 4 days. The GRIB-files shows N to NW light winds between 10 and 15 knots. Today we have been tourists in Lisboa and registered that the Norwegian fullrigger "Sorlandet" was moored in the Alcantara Mar Dock. May be we will meet her later.

Villvind is well prepared and generously stocked up with, beer, wine and fresh food . The queen and I look forward to a comfortable sail to Madeira.

Stay tuned !

B & T

onsdag 2. september 2015

Still in Portogal - Figureira da Foz

Yesterday we had a comfortable 65 nm sail down from Porto to Figureira da Foz. We departed a couple of hours later than planned due to thick fog and was moored in Figureira  just as it turned dark. The vessel next to us is of norwegion origin and flying the norwegian flag. It is a Colin Archer-type vessel around 50 ft. Apart from those mentioned in Porto, it is very well kept and maintained. This vessel is a former post-boat delivering post to the islands and remote places around Bergen on the norwegian westcoast. The vessel is own by a norwegian living in Figureira da Foz.

We visited this harbour 9 years ago and it is interresting to see, that since then, the harbour is upgraded to a very high standard. Tomorrow we continue south to the small harbour of Nazare, 35 nm further south along the coast. Sailing along the coast of Portugal is like viewing a 800 km long sandy beach. Stay tune.

B & T  / SV Villvind