mandag 15. juni 2015

An aperetiff de lux !

Plans can be followed, changed or ignored !  In 2007 we passed through French Polynesia on our sailing adventure around the world. Our hope then was, once in the future,  to revisit  the ”Isles des Societe” or "Leeward Island".  If it could be done during the La Heiva period ,- all the better. 

Intensions developed into plans  and tomorrow we depart  for Tahiti together with  good friends.  We have chartered a 50-footer for 4 weeks and will once more enjoy the comfort of these wonderful Pacific islands.  

When we return in the end of July a new sailing  adventure will be launched. This time in our own boat, -Villvind.  Untill then have a nice spring and summer.  Stay tuned.

Terje S
SV Villvind