torsdag 15. oktober 2015

Through the doldrums !

Villvind go south to meet the summer on the southern hemisphere!

On saturday Villvind leaves Cabo Verdes for Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. The distance to Rio is 2700 nm and will take aprox 3 weeks. Normally this is a straightforward sail appart from the doldrums where there are no wind at all.  However, topped tanks and jerrycans on deck will be sufficient  to take us through. Our position will be updated once a day and you can follow our track across to Rio.

We have enjoyed the stay at Cabo Verde and in particular the one day excursion on the island Santo Antao with its magnificent scenery.

Yesterday  a russian raft  sailed into the harbour. Beleave it or not,- its next destination is South America and Patagonia on its way around the word.

Have a nice october and dont forget to prepare for the winter. Today it's sunny and 32 +  in Mindelo !

All the best from Per Even, Eivind and Terje . Stay tuned !

fredag 9. oktober 2015

Aground in 6 1/2 knots ,- depth 4000 meters !

7. october we were under sail from the Canaries with destination Mindelo in the Cabo Verdes. The crew were gathered in the cockpit enjoying the morning coffe when suddenly the boat was slowed down as it was running into a mudbank before it stoped completely a few seconds later.

The experience-book passed in reviewe but found no match. As the foreship climbed up on the bank, lifting the vessel a couple of feet, it stopped completely as the keel hit the bank.

We looked at each other,- then out into the water. There we saw a whale 12-15 meter long sliding sideways as it dived. We had hit it at an angle of 90 degrees , across its back. What happened to the whale, we are sad to say, we do not know but it looked as it was hurt. Villvind started to pick up speed again with no dammage to hull or rudders.

A new chapter can be written in the book of experience. Apart from this incident the sail from Las Palmas to Cabo Verdes went well. Villvind will stay her for 10 days before setting off for Rio De Janeiro in Brasil,- some 2700 nm away.

It's hot today, 31 + and no wind !

Stay tuned !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje onboard Villvind !

torsdag 1. oktober 2015

Villvind Leaving for Cape Verdes tomorrow !

The GRIB-files is consulted, Per Even and Eivind is well established onboard and Villvind is generously stocked with everything that will contribute to a comfortable crossing south to the Cape Verdes, - approx 900 nm south. So,- while you are occupied with whatever it is, we will enjoy a nice and comfortable sail in 25 to 30 degrees and light winds the next week !  Stay tuned !

Per Even, Eivind and Terje !

SV Villvind