mandag 13. mars 2017

Villvind in Caribia !

Hello everyone !

At the time we left Cape Town medio January the internet was down. At St.Helena or at Ascension no net was available either. However we arrived at Tobago close to 2 months after leaving Cape Town.  It has been a pleasant sail. Apart from a couple of pumpy days out from Cape Town the sailing has been a comfortable one all the 5500nm to Grenada with the wind from behind. The doldrums appeared with squalls, thunderstorms an no wind at all for a couple of days. Well through the doldrums Villvind averaged 150-160 nm  every day for almost 3 weeks.  The all lady performed well.

From now on untill the beginning of mail we will cruise slowly north to Antigua from were we will leave for the Azores. And do some minor maintenance tasks. Medio July we will be back in Norway !

All the best from the crew on Villvind !

Per Oscar, Richard and Terje