søndag 13. desember 2015

Puerto Deseado - a short pitstop !

The Argentinia and Patagonian wilderness do not give an inch for free , neither westwards or southwards. The sailing is demanding with changing weather every 12 hour,- with an average of 20 to 30 knots gusting 40 now and then. There are few sheltered anchorages along the way so one have to be prepared. We depart on the last leg tomorrow with a resonable good forecast. 600 nm to go to Ushuaia. From the Strait of Magelan the coast turn south and even south east and the sail will be more comfortable along the coast.

Two typical anchorages along the route. Enjoy.

A merry christmas to all followers and friends,-this year we will spend it in Ushuaia. Per Even and Eivind will take their leave from here while Dag and Svein will join the vessel the 7. january.

Stay tuned !

The crew onboard Villvind !  Eivind, Per Even and Terje !

4 kommentarer:

Gustavo V sa...

Bon Voyage!!! Good luck, nice to meet people like You, Per and Terje!!
Gustavo, Agus, Vale y Daniela. Puerto Deseado - December 2015

Anonym sa...

Hei Terje.
Bjørg og jeg ønsker deg en riktig God jul og et godt nyttår.

Hanspeter Schwarz sa...

Doesn't really look much "deseado". Or does one get so desparate thta far South to appreciate even this bit of harbour?

Fair winds! Following you with much interest.

Seiling med Pierina III sa...

Hei Terje!
Gratulerer med ferden så langt! Følger daglig posisjonen, artig! Åshild og jeg ønsker deg en riktig god og spennende jul!Og de beste ønsker for videre seilas i det nye året!
Hilsen Harald